The OnePlus 9R – An In Depth Look At Why This Phone

Offers High End Features For A Sizable Price

The sleekest smartphone out of the lot – the Oxygen OS 3.5 – is ready for the public to download. After months of testing it in the hands of real life users, we’ve got a good idea about what the Oxygen OS experience is like. If you’re looking for a smartphone that’s going to provide you with the most from your everyday smartphone without all the bloat, the Oxygen OS is the one to go with. Here’s how to buy the best Oxygen 9R online. oneplus 9r

It’s all about the power in the palm. The Oxygen 9R provides everything you’d expect from a smartphone: speed, quality, versatility and a long list of applications. The dual-core Qualcomm processor, Adreno HD graphics and the stunning 5.5″ capacitive LCD screen are just some of the highlights. Priced at just over $400, the Oxygen 9R performance is nothing short of fantastic. Playing games on the go is a cinch, with no lag, and no slowdowns, which means that multitasking on this smartphone is one of its key selling points.

But let’s get down to business. If you’re looking for a powerful smartphone with a huge array of applications and a gorgeous high-end design, the one that you should get is the OnePlus 9R. Powered by the newly released Qualcomm snapdragon 870 processor, the Oxygen 9R gives you everything you need in a mobile phone: speed, quality and a long list of applications. Priced at just over $400, the Oxygen 9R performance is nothing short of fantastic.

One of the things you’ll notice right off the bat is that this phone has a full bundle of RAM. This is a welcome sight seeing as not all devices have been able to escape the mediocre trap that the low RAM flags have put in their lead. The oneplus 9r specifications also reveal that it’s got a generous amount of memory space to play around with: enough to run a variety of apps without getting too overloaded.

Speaking of apps, the oneplus 9r features two unique models that you won’t see on other smartphones: a standard one that will allow you to browse through your email and a pro version that will give you access to Google Maps. With a neat trick of utilizing the built-in camera feature, the oneplus 9r allows you to upload the photos from your current smartphone to your computer. The best part? You can do this without any extra software.

In general, the oneplus 9r comes with many user friendly features that will leave you marveling at its capabilities. From a fluid amoled display to an array of customizable options, the phone offers you everything you would want in a smartphone – and a lot more that you didn’t even know you wanted! At just over $500, the OnePlus 9R makes an excellent choice for anyone who’s interested in stepping up to a high end device with the expectation of nothing less than the best.

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